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From Pilgrim to President

The Pilgrim Archives Leiden give a surprising look in a unique piece of Leiden history: the story of the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims were English Protestants, who fled England to escape the oppressive regime of James I and the Anglican established church. They lived and worked in Leiden from 1609 to 1620. From 1620 groups of Pilgrims travelled onwards to North America: the 'New World'. There, people still celebrate Thanksgiving Day, in memory of the Pilgrims' ordeals and eventual deliverance. The influence of the Pilgrims on the future United States has been great. Just take the fact that no fewer than seven American Presidents  are direct descendants of the Leiden Pilgrims.

The Pilgrim Archives tell the story of the Pilgrims themselves and the 17th century Leiden that was their home, the city where Rembrandt  lived and worked.


The Pilgrim Archives have moved

The permanent exposition about the Pilgrim Fathers has recently been moved from the Regional Archives Leiden to the Pieterskerk. 
You can visit t
his exhibition during the opening hours of the Pieterskerk.
For more information please visit the website of the Pieterskerk

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