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Pilgrim Presidents

HistoryNine times from Pilgrim to President

Since the Pilgrims came to American no fewer than nine of their descendants have made it to President. Presidents Taylor, Grant, Roosevelt, Bush sr. and jr. and Obama all have a Leiden Pilgrim ancestor.

John Adams - 1797-1801

His son John Quincy Adams - 1825-1829

Zachary Taylor - 1849-1850

Ulysses S. Grant - 1869-1877

James A. Garfield - 1881-1881

Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1933-1945

George H.W. Bush - 1989-1993

George W. Bush - 2001-2009

Barack H. Obama -- 2009 - 

Take a look at the familytrees of these presidents

…and to mayor of New York

And how about Leiden-born Thomas Willett, who became the first mayor of New York? A letter by this Pilgrim, which he wrote to Hugh Goodyear, vicar of the English reformed church in Leiden on the 16th of September 1660, can be found in the archives in Leiden

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